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to access this
selection of our work.

Wonder whether Company X is among our clients?
Well, chances are. Yet, discretion being the better part of
valor we only take you to ’destinations’ open to the general public.

Kick back and get ready to join us at a football match in Paris,
a cab ride through Belfast, an excursion into cyber space
or a flying visit to Berlin. Or follow us (cameras out!)
all across Europe via beautiful Rome onwards to Ethiopia.

                 TEXTWOLFF-Your Translation Expert
                                  gets your contents ready for take-off.

Anke Wagner-Wolff, E-Mail: info@textwolff.de, Tel: +49 (0) 551 280 45 468 or +49 (0) 157 875 17 092 (mobile), Sternstr. 14, 37083 Göttingen